When using Bluerender, you save your LDD file with the perspective and framing that you want your image to be in. Sometimes, however, when you render it the image doesn't fill the frame all the way. Rather than repeatedly adjust the LDD file to correct this, you can change the scene file instead to effectively zoom the view in or out.

If you are not familiar yet with scene files, you can find out more here. This is the camera setting in the default file (you may be using a custom scene file specific to your model):

# this is the camera setting. The FieldOfView is narrow to match the camera in LDD
camera {
  type pinhole
  transform row %LDDCAMERA%
  fov    30
  aspect %ASPECTRATIO%

The fov parameter can be thought of as a distance from the model. To zoom in, use a smaller number. To zoom out, use a larger one.

Example Edit

All three of the following images use the same settings (including resolution/size) - they only differ in their fov (field of view) setting.

Tip: On the main screen, check the Wireframe/Preview option and render with your new setting. That will give you a very fast render with the new setting and you can adjust it repeatedly until it looks right. Then uncheck Wireframe/Preview to do your proper rendering.